Pop/rock vocalist PATSY BLACKSTONE was fascinated by rhythm and music in general at a very young age. It was most likely Patsy’s mother, singer/conductor, who gave her these talents. At the age of seven Patsy is determined to attend the music academy.

During her studies at college in Leuven-Belgium (baccalaureate Marketing) she began performing live with her first band Couleur Exquise. Later on she joins the cover band Fake, from then on she performs regularly in Belgium, turning out to be an exciting stage personality.

But Patsy is not content only interpreting the songs of others and she dreams of forming her own band and performing her own songs. During demo sessions with producer Evert Verhees in the summer of 2000 she finds her own musical way of combining rock and pop.

Her debut album ‘As I Am’ was released in April 2002 in Belgium on the J2Music label. It reached #22 (till today) in the Belgian Ultratop Charts. The four singles taken from the album (‘Read Between The Lines’, ‘Right To Be Wrong’, ‘As I Am’ and ‘The Right Time’) generated a lot of airplay on belgian radio (Radio Donna, Radio Contact, Radio 1, Q-Music).

During the summer of 2002, she performs live with her own band at several belgian festivals (she opens at the famous Marktrock festival in Leuven on the main stage). She participates in the Golden Stag Festival in Brasov (Romania) and she also sings on one of the tracks of the famous TV-series ‘Flikken’, broadcasted in Belgium and Holland.

Patsy’s single (and videoclip) ‘The Language Of Love’, a duet with former Soulsister-leadsinger Paul Michiels, was released in November 2002, which she performed live during Paul’s 2003 CC-tour in Belgium. Again it generated a lot of airplay on belgian radio.

Patsy also featured on the first Noso Project maxisingle containing 5 remixes of her album track 'I Can't Sleep' released in April 2003.

During the following years Patsy has continued to perform live as a guest singer with several bands such as The Expendables (Tom Vanstiphout, Joost van den Broeck, David Poltrock), The Twins Band (with Claudia Decaluwe and Astrid Roelants) and The Vipers. Simultaneously she has been preparing and writing her second album in the south of France with producer Evert Verhees who wrote all the music. Lyrics were written by BJ Scott, Toni Kasza and Tracy Atkins.
'Shaking out of these chains'  taken from the fothcoming album and released as a single in collaboration with Spark (lead vocals Claudia Decaluwé) under the name 'Spark Vs Blackstone'  will be released on May 27th, 2005.

After a period of live performances with the Twinsband, Patsy Blackstone has recorded a new song called 'Singer in the subway'.  It's release will be in May 2007. Hopefully you will hear it on the radio very soon!

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